To apply:

1) return a completed application via e-mail or postal service (address on form);

2) return a letter explaining your reasons and goals for attending; and

3) submit a deposit.

The deposit is non-refundable except in the event that your application is not accepted or the program is canceled.  After your application is accepted, we will send further information including directions to our camp, a list of items to bring, and instructions to best prepare for the program. Space is limited and, for insurance reasons, applications are due one month before the program begins. Late applications will no longer be accepted.

Argyle tipi 2
Photo credit: Monica Spehler

There is never a fee for any teaching or ceremony. Donations are necessary to cover operating expenses including land rental, food, supplies, insurance, fuel, and transportation. The donation is also a measure of your commitment to your spiritual path and veneration for the teachings. The deposit is considered part of the total donation.

During the pandemic with many workers losing hours, wages, and, even, their jobs, we are using a sliding scale for donations to make our programs as accessible as possible to those in financial stress. Still, there are fixed costs with running these programs, so the deposits will remain as usual. The suggested donation range is intended as a guideline in the context of your financial resources such as depicted in this sliding scale.

Minimum age 18, younger applicants with parental consent will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed and, with the outgoing drought, our land owner hosts have requested no smoking. Programs are held at Argyle Canyon, Duchesne County, Utah in cooperation with Creekside Abundance.

Creekside Abundance, Argyle Canyon, Utah; photo by Miriam Barth
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