“Empower the Best Future”

I belong to a group that does quarterly quests to feel into possible and probable futures. We most recently did this just last weekend, as the pandemic news was ramping. The following is feedback from Vin DiTizio, so consider this a guest blog entry. Vin is the author of  “The Apocalypse Within: The Inner Meaning of the Revelation”. This book regards evidence of early Christians using the Revelation of John as a tool for inner transformation, including how they did it and how you can benefit from it. It is available from Amazon. There is also a YouTube video describing the book. We humans are on this Earth for different reasons but if you’re reading this blog, you are almost certainly here to participate in the transformation of human consciousness. The only place that can happen is within yourself.

Here are the messages received by Vin:

1- Your peace is your responsibility. Cultivate it within, no matter what is without, and what is without can be changed by your peace. 

2- All ways to return to the Earth are good. You’ll find them even in cities.

3- The corona virus isn’t the main threat. Clear your mind. 

4- Your path is chosen by you. Don’t let fear cloud this. Silence the negative emotions. 

5- Other people’s fear blankets the land. THIS IS NOT YOUR FEAR, although you will feel it as if it is. 

6- Your ability to calm others is self defense. 

7- A virus attitude persists long after the virus. 

8- You can navigate the virus era, have faith. 

9- Why are you afraid?

10- The Creator loves you.

11- Store enough.

12- Embrace struggle. 

13- People of the far future need you to be calm now. 

14- Observe nature. Is it afraid?

15- The more peace you can develop the better your future. 

16- This is not the end. Things will degrade a bit but not end. 

17- Empower the best future. Many aspects of the spread of the virus are within our ability to control. 

18- Energetically calm those around you. No need for them to fight over toilet paper.

19- You will do well. 

20- Be ready to help others. 

21- With enough faith your peace can spread out at a distance. It is possible to calm your neighborhood.

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