Hearts of Fire (Questing programs in the lineage of Stalking Wolf; International)

Malcolm Ringwalt (Questing, mentoring; New Jersey and elsewhere)

Tom Brown, Jr. (Awareness, tracking, survival; New Jersey)

Holly Stokes (Hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching; Utah)

Mary Radloff (Questing; Virginia)

Monica Spehler (Akashic records, energy healing; Utah)

Monica Matt 8_16_2020

Hsiao-ping Bochnia (Questing; Taiwan)

Aaron Mitchell (Questing, therapy; Hawaii)

Edwina Crawford (Questing, mentoring; Ontario)

Jim Lowery and Mary Brooks (Survival, tracking, Questing; California)

Frank and Karen Sherwood (Survival, wild edible and medicinal plants; Washington)

Chuck Stratton and Sandy Masse (Questing, Reiki; Ontario)

Victor Wooten (Music and nature camps; Tennessee)

Rick Berry (Youth and family nature connection; California)

Rachel Lee (Questing; Malaysia)

Kate Rydge (Questing; Australia)

Debbie Tremel (Questing; Washington)


Other recommended resources:

Christina Lopes videos, especially the ones regarding “shadow work”

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