Global Meditation for Health, Peace, and Abundance

On the Internet, I have seen a couple of websites announcing a global meditation for health, peace, and abundance (link to an example). I think it goes without saying that this is a great idea! This 20-minute meditation will begin at 8:45 PM Mountain Time on Saturday, April 4, 2020 (the linked website says Standard Time but I am assuming that is a mistake and that they mean Daylight Time).

For myself, some of the ideas on that linked website don’t resonate, for example, the “Central Sun” or “Celestial Stargate”. Those are not within my experience or anything my teachers have shared with me. But, I certainly resonate with the goals of the meditation and do have the experience of the power available when scores of people meditate or quest simultaneously. One hundred thousand people meditating on the same goal could produce miracles. What might happen if one million people do this?

I hope you will join this effort!

I suggest the target for this prayer meditation simply be health, peace, and abundance. You can make this more specific if you are called to do so but caution you to focus on the manifestation and presence of “positive” outcomes (e.g., healing and wholeness) rather than stopping “negative” outcomes (e,g, ending the pandemic). For example, a prayer to “end war” could well have an unintended consequence. The sub-conscience does not well work with negative programming. If I ask you not to visualize a pink elephant, what do you see in your mind’s eye? A pink elephant! So, rather than prayer to end war, pray for peace. See peace. Fill your consciousness with Peace. Rather than pray to end the pandemic, pray for health and wholeness. Rather than pray to end poverty, pray for universal abundance, and so on. Also, ask not for yourself but for others. Trust that others are praying for you and your loved ones.

There are many ways you might do this meditation and, of course, you are welcome to use or find your own. But I suggest the empowered prayer I described on “The Three Prayers” entry of my blog. I wrote: “Prayer is something you clearly envision and charge with the energy of emotion.” See in your mind’s eye the intention of your heart and fuel that intention with as much energy/emotion as you can muster. Call out! Let your Heart be filled and make the Call! Pour yourself into it. Then release to stillness. Stay in the silence as deeply as you can and for as long as you feel is useful. Be receptive to a vision or call or feeling for an action or doing that you can manifest on this Earth. You may or may not receive such but, if you do, make it so.

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