Fear and Truth

March, 2020

There is an elevated air of fear in humanity right now. You can feel it within yourself, perhaps sense it in your friends and neighbors. The virus pandemic is stoking our fears . . . Or are our fears stoking the virus pandemic?

The other day, I took the piece of that pandemic fear that is mine and sent it to the Creator. You might do this, too, for yourself and for the Whole. I did this by letting the *feeling* of fear well up within me. Not the images of the virus and its possible consequences in the physical world, just the feeling of that fear. I let the feeling build, I leaned into it in all its pain, horror, and ugliness. Then I released it, just let it go to Stillness.

If you want to do this, you first need to search your heart to discover whether you are willing to let the fear go. Are you? Truly? If your search deeply, you may discover that there is something about the fear you are attached to. You get something from it. It’s OK, you’re human! You just need to recognize the truth around your fear and resolve whether you’re ready to let it go. And you need to be willing to accept what will fill its place after you release it!

Next, I suggest maybe start with the images of that fear to allow the *feeling* to well up. But quickly drop the image and go just into the feeling. This is important because you want to avoid praying for that fearful image! Use the image only as an entry point to the feeling. Feel it as deeply as you can, maybe for several minutes if that feels right. Follow the feeling wherever it leads, however its quality might shift. Then ask “what is the truth here” or “what is the illusion”? Feel into that question. Release into that question. If you are practiced in meditation you might simply release the feeling to Stillness. Sometimes there may still be another piece or aspect remaining. If so, repeat the process around that piece.

Our fear comes out of our ignorance. We cannot know Truth with only our physical senses and physical mind. The Creation is a much more vast and amazing place than our “normal” senses can know. But we have other senses, they’re just not cultivated in our culture. Vast is not really the right word, maybe infinite and eternal are better. But even those words can only point towards the Truth. You Know this in your own Heart. If you feel and know unconditional love, compassion, beauty, reverence and the like you, at least dimly, are touching your spiritual nature. These qualities arise from a deeper place than the physical.

The consciousness of humanity is shifting before our eyes. Our individual and collective darkness is rising up because that is required for healing and for Light to anchor in this world. This is the healing path even though it looks like anything but! You might think of your own struggles and difficult things in your life. Did you perhaps learn something from that, maybe get a teaching that allowed you to help someone else with a similar issue? Know this: we are supported in all ways and at all times. Even when things seem shitty, know that Spirit is working to guide you along, perhaps show you where you need to go or what needs to be cleared out. Life supports you whether you know it or not.

Humanity is working to “spiritualize” the physical dimension, to uplift the consciousness of the physical Creation. We are working on something very important! And it is not easy! This cannot happen when our consciousness is full of fear and hate and falsehoods.

So be gentle with yourself, accepting of yourself, and cast off the demons of self-doubt. These are the ways you cripple yourself on your journey . . . And it isn’t True! The doubts, the fears ARE NOT TRUE! Accept yourself in this moment.

Perhaps ask yourself why are you here at this time. You might find this inspiring (I certainly do!): We were made for these times

The times may be rough but we will get past this pandemic. Perhaps even bigger challenges lay beyond. We’ll get past those, too. Not to say it won’t be very difficult and painful. But our Truth is the Light. It is inside us. It is immutable.

I remain fully committed to Quest programs this summer and in the years to come.

In Stillness, Matthew


Thank you Matt! I did this practice in my morning meditation- allowed fear, my fear, to arise and held it gently. That is what my fear wanted- to be seen and held. Then, with that acceptance everything was and is ok. I’m committed to remaining calm, balanced and grounded to be of support for others. Nature and meditation have been much needed resources yesterday and today. Stay well and much love!

Shiree Duncan

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