Relax into Truth

There is no savior out there, the savior is within
– Sarah Slean

February, 2020

As humans, our experiences are filtered by the contents in our unconscious. This includes our judgements, false beliefs, and assumptions which arose from our woundings, cultural training, and evidence from our physical senses which are tuned to only a fraction of the fullness of Creation. And when we look out into the world we see it not as it is – full of life, mystery, perfection, harmony, and beauty – but as a reflection of our internal state which is clouded by this “darkness”.

The darkness can, and needs to be, healed. In fact, it will be healed. This process is accelerating for each of us and for all of humanity. These are the times we are in. We feel the increasing pressure in our own inner experience and we see it in the apparent turmoil and dissolution of cultural structures. The darkness is coming up because we have asked for healing and that is the only way it can be healed. It needs to be felt, experienced, and released. This is the pathway to healing, there is no other. The darkness resides in each of us and the collective consciousness of humanity. To hold it in only keeps it active in our lives, blocking us from our full potential as creative beings.

The times call for us to gather the courage to stand in our pain and feel what is there. Feel it and release it to the Stillness within.

Feel it and release it to the Stillness

We then realize that the darkness was actually a teaching. We can turn the darkness inside-out. We can learn from it and can then use the experience to understand ourselves and help others also walk through their pain to the healing on the other side.

It might be said that this darkness is real, but it is not True. The darkness needs to be healed for us to understand, experience, and live the fullness of who we are. And while the healing of all our darkness cannot be done in an instant, days, months, or, even, in years, we don’t have to wait. We can relax into the Truth at any time!

We can relax into the Truth at any time

Some “final” healing or clarity is not necessary to gain experience of the Truth. Perhaps our dive into Truth and Stillness lasts only a moment and with only partial clarity. But even these moments are diamonds on the spiritual path, we get a taste of a world much more vast and True than the one taught by culture. Our yearning for this Truth grows, becoming insatiable. And we can set our intention and make this dive whenever we choose. Perhaps we can go for a walk in nature, focusing on a question burning in our heart. Or we can meditate regularly or simply stop momentarily through the day to notice our internal state or the world around us. Or we can commit to a Vision Quest to powerfully break through our blocks, find a deep clarity of passion, and anchor to the deep peace of Stillness. Or we can incorporate the Seven Levels of Quest into our daily lives, using everyday experience as the focal point for learning from the darkness or finding the Truth all around and within us.

The questing pathway is one of opening to the Truth that resides within whether it is but a moment of awareness or a days-long ascetic experience. And with each journey we gain greater clarity and we can stay in the Silence longer and longer. Our Faith builds, we gain a healing, we receive Vision (i.e., purpose beyond self), and we increasingly feel the call to cultivate the clarity of that Silence as a default way of being, because it is our True nature. We already are the Light, we need only to wake up to that Truth.

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