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September, 2019

Welcome to the website for The Source Within! It has been a long journey and I am excited for this new phase of guiding quests.

In my bio, I wrote that my quest facilitation was in response to my first quest. More specifically, I felt that call as I stepped into my circle the first morning. It felt like I was coming home, as if I had quested many times before. And seeds were planted that I was to share the experience with others. I didn’t appreciate that last part at the time – and probably would have ran away screaming had I realized the meaning – but that quest set me on a course to every significant unfolding in my life, right up to this moment. That is an example of how the quest works, opening one step at a time, as you are ready, with “invisible” guiding hands of support.

Since 1996, I facilitated quests under the title “EarthFire Outdoor Education”. From its founding in 1994 through 2000, EarthFire was co-led by Bill Cain and we had lots of fun teaching Earth-living skills, tracking, awareness, and wild edible plants as well as running quests. Bill taught me a ton and I am grateful for our time together. Bill and I parted ways as we each started families and our priorities shifted. After 2000, I continued to facilitate quests, albeit less frequently, with help from my wife Dawn, Holly Stokes, Don Spates, Scott DeBerard and, more recently, Aaron Mitchell, Bill Howard and Karen Tomkins (shout out to Ayme Johnson, Karen Bush, and Greta Ward). And, of course, the many questors who quested with EarthFire also taught me a ton. Thank you for your sacrifice, commitment, and difference you make in the world!

Now our daughter is a young woman, charting her own course. And I have transformed, also, guided by the Quest and supported by the Creator. It is now time for a new chapter, a deeper commitment. Hence, The Source Within.

The Light in me is the Light in you. Do you feel the call? Come . . . Discover for yourself. Discover your Self! You are the One you’ve been waiting for!


Photo credit: Carter Hansen
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