Seven Levels of Quest

Your life is a Spiritual Journey.

The Seven Levels of Quest give you a vehicle for True Spiritual Awakening that you can use every day.

This program will save you years on your spiritual path.

The Seven Levels of Quest encompass the total knowledge and experience of the Vision Quest. More than that, they have the power to lift ordinary, daily life experience from the mundane and physical to the height of spiritual clarity and enlightenment.~ Malcolm Ringwalt

The Vision Quest is the baseline, foundational Quest. It is about knowing yourself on all levels and finding Purpose beyond self, your gift of service. With dedication to the Questing pathway, the Seeker would unfold six additional movements or expressions within the Quest experience. But such a discovery could take many years, perhaps decades, to fully flesh out. In this program, you will learn these quests and be able to incorporate them into your daily life, accelerating your spiritual journey.

[The Seven Levels] training was nothing short of miraculous for me. I am walking away with tangible tools to experience life at its fullest, with peace in my heart, and with boundless enthusiasm & gratitude for these teachings.  I am already benefiting and seeing results.  Everything about this program was perfect. Thank you endlessly, Matt & Dawn! ~Miriam Barth, Seven Levels 2020

The Seven Levels open us into the Truth of Who and What we are! Most human beings are focused only in the physical dimension. We are lost in the shadow of our human side. We look out into the world and see the reflection of our beliefs, judgements, assumptions, doubts, fears, and presumed limitations. But we are two things: humans and beings. Our being-ness is our True Core, under and within our shadow. The Seven Levels target our being-ness, our True Essence. We simply need to put our attention there. And from this pure, untainted Core we find the path to shine a Light and heal the shadows, opening our humanity to new possibilities. We begin to see the world as it truly is rather than through the veil of our humanness.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

These Quests are not something we accomplish just once or a few times in our lifetimes, attended to only during a dedicated period of fasting and asceticism. Instead, they are to be lived in our daily lives as we attend to work, relationships, and recreation – Life! There is no circumstance in our lives – “good” or “bad” – that is outside of these Quests. Any and all of life’s experiences can serve as an entry point to one of the Seven.

July 1-9, 2023 (Saturday through the following Sunday); held near Felton, California; application deadline May 1, 2023; suggested donation $850 (ranging $300-1200; deposit $200). Enrollment limited to 20 (minimum 8).

For dates and locations of other Seven Levels of Quest programs please see the Hearts of Fire website.

As with the Traditional Quest, the Seven Levels of Quest are handed down by Grandfather Stalking Wolf to Tom Brown, Jr., onto Malcolm Ringwalt, and then to us.

Each program day will be a mix of instruction, exercises, meditations, and journaling to prepare for the quests, and the quests themselves. Note that fasting from food is not part of this program except during an abbreviated Vision Quest (4-8 hours).

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