Ten Day Quest

Are you ready to take a bigger step in your spiritual growth? To commit more deeply?

Photo by Carter Hansen, Montana night sky

For some experienced Questers, there comes a calling to commit to Spirit on a deeper level. And that deeper commitment opens the Quester to ever more profound Silence, clarity of Vision, and cleansing of personal darkness and perceived limitation, among many possibilities. The application deadline for this program is six months in advance of the Quest as we begin preparation on all levels. In addition to regular fasting preparation, Questers will participate in a series of online instruction and at-home exercises that open knowledge and experience of our human tools and defines the Spiritual Path.

Prerequisite: Vision Quest Protector Training Course; or at least one 4-day Vision Quest plus Seven Levels of Quest program; or at least five 4-day Vision Quests.

Upon request; requests should be made no later than January of the year you want to Quest to enable questing during the warmer months.

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