The Three Prayers

March, 2020

This blog entry regards an observation brought forth by meta-psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Hora and fleshed out by one of my teachers, Malcolm Ringwalt. In “Beyond the Dream”, Hora wrote “what we are afraid of tends to become an experience . . . Since fear is a thought present in consciousness, it tends to express itself as a symptom. There are three main categories of thoughts which have particular clinical relevancy. These are: (1) What we cherish, (2) What we hate, and (3) What we fear. These three types of thoughts tend to have clinical consequences. The question may be asked, What is so special about these three types of thoughts? . . . [These three] are highly charged thoughts carrying a powerful energy level in the direction of manifesting themselves in visible form. Of course, other thoughts also have a tendency to manifest themselves clinically, but not as powerfully as these three.”

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me” (Job 3:25)

Ringwalt calls these the Three Prayers. First, it is important to know what is meant by “prayer”. Prayer is something you clearly envision and charge with the energy of emotion. These three categories (the things we love, hate, and fear) are all things we clearly see in our mind’s eye and charge with a lot of emotion. We are powerfully praying for the things in these three categories even if unconsciously! We are inadvertently training our subconscious to manifest these. Simple words are not prayer as defined here. Without clear envisioning and a charge of energy, the subconscious is unaffected by mere words (nor the Spirit but that is another topic).

Second, all prayers are answered. We are created in G*d’s image, we are creative Beings. But most humans are using their creative mechanism poorly, out of ignorance not malice. Do you doubt that your prayers, as defined here, are answered? Do this exercise: make three lists, the things in your life that you love, fear, and hate. Write them down. After you finish, quickly go through the lists and assign a scale of intensity, from 1-10, for each thing in the list. Now, review your work. Does the list outline your life? Is this list a reflection of what you see and experience in the world?

So, what lesson can be learned here? One thing you might notice is that two-thirds of the “Three Prayers” are for things of darkness! If this is how most humans are using their creative mechanism, should we be surprised that the world is in the shape it’s in? We are manifesting the very things we hate and fear! 

What is to be done with the prayers to the things we hate and fear? Well, in a sense, nothing. Attention on them only grows them further! We cannot hate our hate away, nor fear our fear out of existence. Our recourse is to put our attention elsewhere as best we can. That said, we cannot deny this aspect of ourselves. For example, anger is part of life and can be appropriate at times. And fear is very useful if we encounter a genuinely dangerous situation – it spurs action. So we acknowledge and accept that part of self. We feel it, give it space when it comes up (see previous blog entry). We just don’t focus on it. We don’t empower or indulge it.

What there is to do is grow the things we love. Focus there, see and feel those things. Appreciate the beauty of the world. Perhaps a sunrise or blade of fresh grass or breeze upon your face. Give gratitude for the people you love. Allow your heart to hold the people and things that bring you happiness and joy and fulfillment. Then open your Heart and feel gratitude. Grow your love. Let this become bigger and bigger. It will become bigger than the combined things you hate and fear. Eventually you will notice that perhaps you no longer hate or fear those things as you once did. 

Love is increasingly reflected back to you. As a human, fear and hate will still come up, but smaller and smaller. We simply feel it and let it pass through. There is something to experience and learn there. But the darkness doesn’t define us.

We build love. We open our Being to gratitude and appreciation. We are Love. We are Eternal. We are Light.


In my meditation this morning I had a deep powerful understanding that my awareness must focus on all that I love and stay focused on the beauty of the earth and all that there is to love. After breakfast I read the link in your email. What a perfect affirmation! Thank you for sending these links, and for your continued light in this world. 


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